World’s best athletes structure their training process. Or better, their coaches do that for them. One can read all the books and articles on training principles, but without experience, he knows nothing.

It is often perceived as that only professional athletes need a support team and that amateurs and recreational athletes only waste the money if they decide to have one. However, what we often see, especially in cycling is that amateur athletes spend a fortune on their equipment thinking that this is what is going to make them better. And then they are overtaken on the first climb by a rider with non-aero optimised equipment and a heavy bike that has his own coach.

Having a coach does not only mean that your trainings are structured, but it enables an athlete to free the mind from thinking about what he is going to do during his next training session. It is also coach’s task to prevent overtraining and make sure that the training plan is designed in a way that gets you to your goal as quickly as possible.

We are an experienced team of professionals with expertise to help you design the training programme and help you achieve your goals.


What will we do?

  • Design you an individual training programme
  • Improve your existing training programme
  • Help you improve performance
  • Reduce the risk of overtraining and becoming injured
  • Make sure that your training is effective

Our partner: PulsePerformance

We work closely with a young team of experts known as PulsePerformance. They specialise in coaching of endurance sports. Over the last few years they have achieved numerous successes, including a few world champion titles on the amateur level. They work both with professional, amateur and recreational athletes. Together with them we can prepare you a specific training plan that includes nutritional periodisation as well as optimisation of training by using e.g. heat adaptation.

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